Principal's Desk

I welcome you to Innovative Residential School. At Innovative Residential School, we believe success comes from a relentless focus on innovation and execution. Innovation refers to doing things in a better and smart way. It means to make optimum use of the available resources and empowering people to do what is best. Execution is equally important as innovation. It is about getting the things right; the right people doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right cost. When innovation and execution combines, it makes us future ready. These are the days of Add World, but not mad World. The rate of Education is galloping ahead but the Zenith is far away from the reach. Teeming millions of people run after Job, but a serious educational cataclysm and a professional tsunami have impeded their path. Now the Temple of Learning and the citadel of Schools where the managers are born has not been a ground for its revival. No one cares and nourishes the tots; no one intends to dwell in the city of unchartered territory; and no one prefers to attend Vesuvius, though the place is perilou.... . But fruitladden. Finally I welcome and adore all the brilliants, the teacher & the taught, to the Eden of St. Xavier's High School, a fertile punching pad to ignite the minds with multiplicity and the very best can be improved, enriched and wet the rosy tomorrow.


Innovative Residential School